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For Women & their families who have suffered with Pre Eclampsia, Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and related conditions.
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 Not sure if anyone else has had this experience ?

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PostSubject: Not sure if anyone else has had this experience ?   Wed 11 Feb 2009, 12:59 pm

Hi, I am new on here and I am so pleased to finally have the opportunity to share a community with others who have been thru the same thing.

Arthur was born at 28 + 5, due to severe IUGR, and suspected PE, although at the time I was being told the reason for the growth restriction was due to high blood pressure which was caught at 16 weeks, my bp was 180/120 with raised protein, I was in hosp very quickly, however it was decided it couldn’t possibly be PE as it was too early, and that perhaps I just had high BP, plus the added complication is that I had kidney failure ten years ago, so it was all put down to my kidneys.

Well, last Oct, Hubby and I decided to go for pre conception consulting with my consultant who was fantastic and without her we wouldn’t have Arthur, but she was given such sketchy information from the kidney consultant, she couldn’t give us a clear indicator of what would happen if we wanted to have another baby, as she hadn’t seen a 100 cases like me she couldn’t be very clear. So, after a week of crying I decided I would try and find someone who has seen a hundred of me, well to keep a long story short, I have seen a renal specialist at the Hammersmith Hosp, London who is confident that my kidneys weren’t he problem but it was PE, although very unusual because it was so early, therefore we are seeing another consultant at the Queen Charlotte, London in March regarding pre conception advice again.

I am so so nervous, scared, I am just trying to get to the bottom of what happened, we would dearly like another child, a sibling for Arthur.

I am just wondering if anyone else showed very early signs of PE ?


Proud Mummy to Arthur born at 28wks + 5, weighing 900grams.
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Liz Pidgley

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PostSubject: Re: Not sure if anyone else has had this experience ?   Wed 11 Feb 2009, 3:06 pm

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the forum & congratulations on the birth of your son Arthur.
I can imagine how frustrated & scared you must feel right now, but am glad you have found us.
I have spoken to quite a few women over the years who have experienced something similar to your story.
Whilst 'clinically speaking' its true that a diagnosis of PE cant really be made before 20 weeks, many women (including some here) will tell you they experienced signs & symptoms of PE before that gestation (however subtle they may have been).

I am therefore really glad to hear you didnt take the first answer you got & are seeing someone else. Just out of interest - are your seeing Prof. M. de Sw? (that will make sense to you if you are - or be total nonsense if you are not!)
If not, would it be worth asking to see him? - he really knows his stuff & has done extended research into the condition as well as being integral in writing the PRECOG guidelines.

What ever you decide about having another baby we will be here for you to ask questions & support you whenever you need us. Just give us a nudge!

Warmest wishes to you all.

Every Woman is entitled to understand what happened in her pregnancy when pre eclampsia strikes. I hope to be able to support that process.
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Not sure if anyone else has had this experience ?
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